Lex Luthor To Be Portrayed By Joaquin Phoenix?

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With the Wonder Woman casting still sinking in, it seems there's fresh "Man of Steel II" casting news to speculate about. This time rumors are flying around in regards to iconic supervillain, Lex Luthor. Fans have already fantasy cast quite a few people, including the star of the popular Breaking Bad series, Bryan Cranston. Since Cranston stated that there was no truth to the rumors, that left many scratching their heads.

Who else in Hollywood would look good bald? We may finally have an answer in....Joaquin Phoenix?

If he's indeed cast as Luthor, it will definitely be as controversial. However, the desire for Phoenix is understandable. The Academy Award-nominated actor is eccentric, but he's played a variety of characters. This includes a memorable turn as the cruel and treacherous Commodus in "Gladiator", opposite Russell Crowe. Crowe played Jor-El in the first movie, so it's an interesting link if Phoenix winds up accepting the role.

Some are skeptical not of the casting choice, but of the role being taken at all. It's been pointed out that Joaquin Phoenix prefers acting roles off the beaten path. He may opt for an obscure indie flick over the summer blockbuster type of film. Still, the chance to leave his mark as a distinct version of a popular villain may be too tempting to pass up.

The late Heath Ledger still earns accolades for his turn as the Joker. Marvel's Magneto crush is getting stale and though Tom Hiddleston charms us as Loki, neither of these characters have stood the test of time in popular culture. At least not at level of infamy as the Joker or Lex Luthor. Unfortunately, the most recent portrayal of Luthor was Kevin Spacey's forgettable version in the lackluster "Superman Returns".

Perhaps if the casting of Luthor is on point, more audience members will turn up with optimistic expectations rather than bracing themselves for a potential train wreck.

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