Roku Loses YouTube TV App

Roku has officially lost the YouTube TV app, after previously warning its customers of the possibility.

User Data at Heart of Roku and Google/YouTube TV Dispute

Roku has accused Google of “predatory, anti-competitive and discriminatory” actions regarding its YouTube TV streaming service.

Google Play Movies & TV App Ending Roku and Smart TV Support

Google has announced it is ending support for its Play Movies & TV app on Roku and smart TVs by LG, Samsung and Vizio.

Roku Looks to Expand Into Original Content

Roku is expanding into original content, moving beyond merely streaming content, according to a recent job listing.

The Over-the-Top Marketing Juggernauts Have Arrived

Bundling is a smart idea and free services feel like a better value. I think what we are going to get for the first time in over-the-top is the marketing juggernauts have arrived. Guys who market things for a living. This is what Disney does better than any company in the media space.

Bringing Digital-Like Concepts to TV Will Not Cause Digital-Like Growth

Brian Wieser, a well-known advertising expert at Pivotal Research, says that simply bringing digital-like concepts to traditional TV will not by itself cause digital-like growth. He says that growth would only come if TV could appeal to new kinds of advertisers.

LinkedIn Launches Roku Channel

LinkedIn announced a new channel for the Roku platform, touting it as a “way to transform your living room into a learning workshop.” The channel gives viewers access to 4,000 courses. “Whether it’s to learn new business skills, creative,…

Here Are the Best TVs for Netflix, According to Netflix

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this past January, Netflix unveiled a new program called Netflix Recommended TV, “to help consumers identify smart TVs that offer better performance, easier menu navigation and new features that improve the experience for…

Cable TV Cutters Have Plenty Of Options This Christmas

Cable TV is one of the worst investments a family can make today. There’s only so much to watch, and lot of it is never on when you want it to be. That’s why cable cutters are on the rise,…

Black Friday Ads 2014: Best of Amazon

Black Friday ads for 2014–what does Amazon offer? Quite a bit, especially if you’re shopping for electronics. In fact, they have a pretty impressive list of wares that Black Friday shoppers will likely make note of and compare to other…