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Tag: Rebecca Black

Analyzing “Chinese Food”, The New Hit Internet Song
What are the two best things in the world? Fridays and Chinese food, right? Well, Patrice Wilson, the man who wrote Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is ...
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It’s Thanksgiving: Your Holiday-Themed Masterpiece from the Guy That Brought You Rebecca Black
Well, I thought this might be the new “Friday,” but it didn’t become as popular as I imagined it would. Now, on Friday, we have anot...
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Gnesa Wants You To Go a Little Bit Wilder, Channels She Who Must Not Be Named
Young girls having viral success for songs that you simply have no words for; it’s as American as watching a cat eat an apple pie (the remixed v...
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Rebecca Black Supports Mexican Presidential Candidate Enrique Peña Nieto
Rebecca Black, the dodgy Internet pop sensation that everyone loves to hate, has decided to bring her support to Mexican presidential candidate Enriqu...
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“Friday” Producer Gets “Happy” With Official Sequel To Rebecca Black “Hit”
Well, at least Patrice Wilson has a sense of humor about the whole “Friday” cultural brainfart. The only problem is that his sense of humo...
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8 Year Old Hardcore Girl > Rebecca Black
If Rebecca Black’s first video had this much effort, class, and style, it’s doubtful she’d be the laughing stock of the YouTube nati...
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Latest Google Zeitgeist Proves 2011 Belonged To Rebecca Black
Google year-end Zeitgeist for 2011 has gone live, and besides boasting a new look, complete with new, more interactive presentation of its findings; a...
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Rebecca Black Holds YouTube Q&A, You Guessed It, On A Friday
On Friday, 11/11/11, internet sensation and indecisive seat-chooser Rebecca Black sat down for an exclusive Q&A session, sponsored by YouTube. Th...
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SOPA, Google X & New Rebecca Black
Today’s video round-up features the Vice President discussing SOPA, and Next Media Animation discussing Google X (Google’s top secret robot lab). ...
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Viral Content Can Be Tricky, But Awfully Rewarding
Most, if not all content creators want their work to get noticed. Whether it’s on a viral basis or something more — full blown popularity ...
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Rebecca Black, No, The Other Rebecca Black: A Facebook Identity Problem
Rebecca Black wants you to know that she’s not Rebecca Black. In fact, the “about” information on her page reads in all caps: I AM N...
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Rebecca Black: The Inevitable Return
She’s back!!! The girl with the most disliked video ever returns with her next rendition, and much like the “Friday,” it has a bunch...
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Beastie Boys Debut New Video on Funny or Die
Although the Beastie Boys previously used MTV’s online arm to promote their return, they’ve turned to another, perhaps more popular outlet...
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Rebecca Black’s Friday Gone From YouTube
Say it ain’t so! It looks like, at least for right now, you are going to have to rely on parody videos to get your “Friday” fix, as ...
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Rebecca Black: Viral Elite, Here to Stay
In case you guys didn’t know, IT’S FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY, it’s the end of the week.  And that gives us a little latitude to delve ...
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Even Negativity Brings Fame On YouTube and Twitter
If you know the story of Justin Bieber, he gained his fame due to a talent scout discovering him on YouTube. Could Rebecca Black be the next sensation...
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