It's Thanksgiving: Your Holiday-Themed Masterpiece from the Guy That Brought You Rebecca Black

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Well, I thought this might be the new "Friday," but it didn't become as popular as I imagined it would. Now, on Friday, we have another candidate to be the next worst song ever.

Where Rebecca Black sang her way through a typical Friday, getting dressed, having cereal, picking which seat to take in the car - Nicole Westbrook takes us through a typical Thanksgiving. Yes, that means turkey, mashed potatoes, and a reminiscing about the dates of other major holidays. Yes, April was Easter.

This comes to you from Patrice Wilson, as in the guy who brought you "Friday." He makes an appearance in the video, as you would expect.

You gotta hand it to him. He's doing what he's doing. Haters gon' hate. Earlier this year, Wilson even recorded his own song which was dedicated to all the haters out there. It was called "Happy" and you can check it out here.

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