Rebecca Black Supports Mexican Presidential Candidate Enrique Peña Nieto


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Rebecca Black, the dodgy Internet pop sensation that everyone loves to hate, has decided to bring her support to Mexican presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto. Confused? Don't be. According to the Los Angeles Times, Black is half-Mexican, which means she's qualified to endorse the man on his political quest to lead the nation. Okay, you're free to be as confused as you please, because I'm right there with you.

"I personally think that it is very important for youth and teens to be so involved in politics," Black stated during the press conference. "Even though I’m only 14 and won’t be able to vote for another four years, you don't want to be 18 and not know anything about what you are going to vote about."

Since Black doesn't speak Spanish, her thoughts and feelings had to be translated to those in attendance. Her mother, who speaks the language, stays by her side throughout the entire video. Truthfully, the whole thing feels like some sort of bad joke, though I'm not entirely sure at whose expense.

"This girl is not Mexican, she is not well informed (on the country’s politics) and for the PRI to believe that because she is famous, young people will follow (her views) is almost offensive," entertainment reporter Astrid Capon said in her videblog. I'm sure this sentiment is shared with countless others.

Is this some sort of ultra-bizarre publicity stunt to help support Black's latest single "Sing It", which hit iTunes on May 7th? Honestly, it's anybody's guess at this point. If you're curious to hear what the teenager's latest musical endeavor sounds like, investigate the video embedded below.