Gnesa Wants You To Go a Little Bit Wilder, Channels She Who Must Not Be Named

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Young girls having viral success for songs that you simply have no words for; it's as American as watching a cat eat an apple pie (the remixed version) on YouTube. Just in case you've forgotten that anyone can be a star thanks to the powers of online video and social media, may I present to you the latest viral sensation, Gnesa.

Some are saying she's the new Rebecca Black. I don't know. She seems pretty sure about wanting you to get wilder. Rebecca Black, as you may remember, wasn't even sure about where she should sit in the car.

Before you watch, here is one of the YouTube comments for the video:

"After hearing this I'm off burning my copy of Sgt. Pepper's!"

With that, here is "Wilder" by Gnesa:

[via BuzzFeed]
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