Yum Brands Hit by Ransomware, Hundreds of Restaurants Close

Yum Brands, the parent of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, was hit by a ransomware attack, leading to hundreds of locations closing.

The Guardian Suffers Ransomware Attack, Staff’s Data Accessed

The Guardian has suffered a major ransomware attack and has revealed that some staff’s personal data was accessed.

White House to Kick Off International Counter Ransomware Summit

The White House is preparing to kick off the International Counter Ransomware Summit, an acknowledgment of ransomware’s growing threat.

Cisco Breached by Ransomware Gang, 2.75GB Reportedly Stolen

Cisco was hacked by a ransomware gang in May, with the criminals reportedly stealing 2.75GB of data and trying to extort the company.

Russian Sanctions Are Dampening Ransomware Attacks

Sanctions imposed on Russia by the international community are having an unforeseen side effect: ransomware has taken a hit.

Ransomware Leads to Lincoln College Shutting Down Permanently

Lincoln College has announced it is shutting its doors permanently, largely the result of the COVID pandemic and a recent ransomware attack.

Nvidia CEO Calls Lapsus$ Hack a ‘Wake-Up Call’

Nvidia suffered a major attack at the hands of ransomware group Lapsus$, an attack CEO Jensen Huang is calling a “wake-up call.”

Microsoft Confirms Lapsus$ Hack, Interrupted It In Progress

Microsoft has confirmed it was at least partially compromised by hacking group Lapsus$, saying it interrupted the attack in progress.

Okta CEO Confirms Breach Attempt in January, No Major Concern Now

On the heels of news Lapsus$ was claiming it breached Okta, the company’s CEO has confirmed an attempt in January.

LAPSUS$ May Have Hacked Microsoft

Continuing its string of high-profile attacks, Lapsus$ may have hacked Microsoft’s code repositories.

Open Source Drivers or Else: Nvidia Hackers Make Demands

The hackers responsible for an Nvidia data breach have finally made their demands, wanting the company to release open source GPU drivers.

Smaller ISPs the Weak Link in Cybersecurity War

Everyone uses an internet service provider (ISPs) to connect to the internet, but not all ISPs are created equal when it comes to security.

Hive Ransomware Now Targets Linux and FreeBSD

Linux and FreeBSD are being targeted by the latest version of Hive ransomware.

Stopping Ransomware Before it Gets Worse

Injurious to business operations, software infrastructures, privacy safety, and information security, ransomware attacks are becoming far more frequent. The number of ransomware attacks grew by 700% or more in 2020. This growth is forecasted to continue, with at least 3…

State Department Creating Cyber Office to Address Threats

Emphasizing the Biden administration’s focus on cybersecurity, the US State Department is creating a new cyber office.

Ransomware Attack Takes Down Sinclair TV Stations

Sinclair appears to be the latest victim of a ransomware attack, with its channels going down over the weekend.

Microsoft Accused of Hosting Malware ‘For Years’

Microsoft is facing additional cybersecurity scrutiny, as a security expert and former employee says OneDrive has hosted malware “for years.”

90% of AWS S3 Buckets Are Vulnerable to Ransomware

AWS is the leading cloud provider, but new research shows that 90% of S3 buckets are vulnerable to ransomware attack.

It Takes Tech and Humans to Stop Ransomware

In the next 5 years, 75% of organizations will face attacks from cybercriminals.  Ransomware has increased 400% in the wake of COVID-19.  Increased vulnerabilities created by remote work has made businesses more tempting targets than ever.  The growth of ransomware…

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Requiring Disclosure of Ransomware Payments

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Deborah Ross have introduced a bill that would require companies to disclose ransomware payments.