FBI Warns of Cyberattacks Against Online Learning

The FBI is warning that hackers are increasingly targeting online learning as students get back to class after the holidays.

Companies Estimate Five Days to Recover From Unpaid Ransomware

Some 66% of companies believe it would take them at least five days to recover from an unpaid ransomware attack, according to a new survey.

Accenture: Cybercriminals Becoming More Brazen

The biggest takeaway from our research is that organizations should expect cybercriminals to become more brazen as the potential opportunities and pay-outs from these campaigns climb to the stratosphere.

Ransomware Results In a Fatality In Germany

Ransomware has been a growing issue for years but, in a first, ransomware appears to have caused the death of a hospital patient.

Canon Suffers Major Ransomware Attack

Cannon has suffered a crippling ransomware attack, impacting numerous services and resulting in data loss and theft.

Garmin the Latest Victim of Ransomware

GPS company Garmin is the latest high-profile organization to be the victim of a major ransomware attack.

Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Knoxville’s Network

Knoxville, TN has suffered a major ransomware attack, forcing it to shut down its entire network.

Honda Partially Halts Production Due to Cyberattack

Honda has had to halt production at some of its facilities as a result of a cyberattack.

Java Ransomware Spotted In The Wild

A Java-based ransomware that targets the software market and education sectors has been spotted in the wild by Blackberry.

New Ransomware Attacks Critical Infrastructure

Ars Technica is reporting on a new type of ransomware that tampers with and stops critical infrastructure software, such as that used by gas refineries, power grids and dams. Ransomware has become a multi-billion dollar plague, with some estimates placing…