Microsoft Blames Security For Lack of Thunderbolt, Removable RAM on Surface Devices

Microsoft has blamed an unlikely target for Surface devices not having Thunderbolt ports or removable RAM: security.

Raspberry Pi 4 Gets 2GB of RAM For $35

The Raspberry Pi 4 just received a RAM upgrade, bringing it to 2GB for the same price as the 1GB version: $35.

Biker Straps GoPro Onto Ram, Gets Clobbered

Nelson, New Zealand dirt-bike enthusiast Budd Hanz recently uploaded a video of a ram attacking him head-on during a ride. Hanz recounts his encounter: I was riding my trail bike up a hill when I came across this grumpy old…

iPad 3 Reportedly Gets 1GB of RAM

Leaked photos allegedly of Apple’s iPad 3 show that the tablet will have 1GB of RAM, double the amount of the iPad 2. A hacker and iPhone jailbreaker known as “Chronic” estimated the 1GB, based on leaked iPad 3 debug…

Brain-Like Computer Circuit On The Horizon

A 37 year old theory is coming to reality for developers at Hewlett-Packard. A memory circuit capable of remembering past patterns of data and how they were collected is on the horizon. It will feature low energy usage and fast…