Biker Straps GoPro Onto Ram, Gets Clobbered

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Nelson, New Zealand dirt-bike enthusiast Budd Hanz recently uploaded a video of a ram attacking him head-on during a ride.

Hanz recounts his encounter: I was riding my trail bike up a hill when I came across this grumpy old ram with huge horns, It charged my bike then started attacking me, surprisingly powerful animal. I Couldn't turn my bike around as I was on a steep hill & if I did he would have charged me side on which could have broken my leg. This guy is known for his aggression & attacks for no reason, he's even attacked a group of pig hunting dogs. In the end I had to pick up a branch & wave it in front of him, he didn't like the noise & backed off enough for me to make my escape.

Quickened by over a million YouTube views, and emboldened by the notion of potential internet fame, Hanz decided to obey some of the requests made via video comments, and somehow strapped a GoPro camera to the mean "pig-hunting dog attacking" ram to get a different perspective.

The ram appears to be chilling, and then things escalate to another charge, to where Hanz and his bike are damaged. Rams are called rams, as they ram, as can be seen in Hanz' "STABILIZED" clip.

Strapping GoPro-type cameras to animals has been a thing to do since they were launched in 2004. Some of the footage has been pretty spectacular, like this clip of a French eagle below:

Still, it doesn't seem like any of this would be good for the animals, but we humans have been know to attach worse things to our faunal underlings. A cat in Moldava was just discovered to be smuggling marijuana that was taped to its collar into a prison.

Image via YouTube.

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