Meta Taps Qualcomm to Manufacture Its VR Chips

Qualcomm has scored a major contract, with Meta tapping the firm to create its virtual reality (VR) chips.

Arm Sues Qualcomm Over Its Nuvia Purchase

Qualcomm has run afoul of Arm Holdings, with the latter suing the former over the licenses it acquired with its Nuvia purchase.

Intel Scores MediaTek As Foundry Customer

Intel has scored a major victory, securing Taiwan’s MediaTek as a customer for its foundry services.

Apple’s 5G Modem Efforts ‘May Have Failed’ and Qualcomm Benefits

Apple may be dealing with an uncharacteristic failure, with its 5G modem development efforts not going according to plans.

More Than Three Dozen Companies Form the Metaverse Standards Forum

Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Kronos, and 33 other companies have formed the Metaverse Standards Forum to help build an open metaverse.

EU Court Overturns Qualcomm’s $1 Billion Fine

Qualcomm scored a major win, with an EU court striking down a $1 billion fine against it and criticizing the EU Commission’s original ruling.

Qualcomm Wants Consortium of Rivals to Ensure Arm Remains Independent

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon wants his company to be part of a consortium of rivals that would invest in Arm and ensure its independence.

Qualcomm Announces $100 Million Snapdragon Metaverse Fund

Qualcomm is increasing its investment in metaverse development, announcing the $100 million Snapdragon Metaverse Fund.

Lapsus$ Strikes Again: Hackers Steal Samsung Galaxy Code

Hacker group Lapsus$ is in the news again, this time for stealing 190GB of Samsung data and Galaxy code.

Samsung’s Exynos Chip Lags Hopelessly Behind Apple’s A-Series

Samsung’s Exynos chip was lauded as one of the best chances for the Android world to challenge Apple’s performance on smartphones…but that hasn’t happened.

Microsoft and Qualcomm Collaborating on Chips for AR Glasses

Microsoft and Qualcomm are collaborating to produce chipsets to power AR glasses for metaverse applications.

Intel and Italy Move Forward With Talks for $9 Billion Chip Factory

Intel and Italy are moving forward with negotiations to build a $9 billion chip factory.

FTC Sues to Block Nvidia’s Arm Purchase

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed a lawsuit to block Nvidia’s attempt to purchase Arm.

Qualcomm’s Exclusive Deal to Produce Windows ARM Devices Ending

The market for ARM-based Windows PCs is about to become far more diversified, with an exclusive deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm ending. Microsoft has been working to bring Windows to ARM devices, thanks in large part to Apple’s own move…

EU Regulators Open Probe of Nvidia’s Arm Acquisition

Casting further doubt on Nvidia’s attempt to purchase Arm Holdings, EU regulators have opened a formal investigation.

Google Working to Bring Android Closer to Linux Kernel

Google is working to bring Android closer to the Linux kernel in a move that could significantly speed up development time.

TSMC Set to Raise Prices

TSMC is preparing to raise prices on its chip production, a move that will have a global impact on the price of electronics.

Samsung Scores Big Win With Google’s Pixel 6

Samsung may be the big winner with Google’s upcoming Pixel 6, manufacturing both the processor and the modem.

UK May Block NVIDIA/Arm Deal

The UK may prevent NVIDIA from buying Arm Holdings, over national security concerns.

Intel Scores Amazon and Qualcomm as Foundry Clients

Intel has scored a big win in its efforts to rebuild its semiconductor manufacturing, with Qualcomm and Amazon set to use its foundries.