Intel’s Rebound Hits Snags With $500 Million Loss and CPU Price Hikes

Intel just posted an unexpected $500 million loss for the quarter and will raise CPU prices, raising questions about its turnaround.

Intel the Latest Company to Implement a Hiring Freeze

Intel joins a growing list of companies that have initiated a freeze on hiring over fears of an impending economic downturn.

Intel Moves Up 2025 Chip Tech a Full Six Months

Intel’s efforts to catch up in the semiconductor industry are ahead of schedule, by as much as a full six months.

Nvidia May Use Intel’s Foundry Services

Intel may score a major foundry customer in the form of Nvidia, one of the biggest semiconductor purchasers in the industry.

Intel Announces Plans to Invest Up to $80 Billion in EU Chip-Making

Intel has announced its latest expansion effort, planning to spend up to $80 billion in chip-making in Europe.

Intel Interested in Consortium to Purchase Arm

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has expressed his interest in joining a consortium aimed at purchasing Arm Holdings.

Intel Confirms Ohio Semiconductor ‘Mega-Site’

Following reports Intel was looking to build two semiconductor plant in Ohio, the company has confirmed the news, calling it a “mega-site.”

Intel’s CEO: ‘AMD In the Rearview Mirror…Never Again In the Windshield’

Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger released a video on LinkedIn welcoming the new year, and took the opportunity to take a major swipe at rival AMD.

Intel Building $20 Billion Semiconductor Plant in Columbus, Ohio

Intel is continuing its aggressive expansion plans, selecting the Greater Columbus, Ohio area for its next $20 billion plant.

Intel and Italy Move Forward With Talks for $9 Billion Chip Factory

Intel and Italy are moving forward with negotiations to build a $9 billion chip factory.