Intel Is Losing Its Head of Graphics

Intel is losing Raja Koduri, its head of graphics, when the company is trying to take on Nvidia and AMD.

Intel Slashes Employee Pay Rather Than Reduce Dividend

Intel is showing where its priorities are, slashing employee pay in an effort to maintain its quarterly dividend.

Intel Loses $8 Billion Market Value in ‘Historic Collapse’

Intel’s recovery hit a major speedbump Friday as the company saw $8 billion of its market value wiped away, surprising analysts.

Intel CEO Calls China Sanctions ‘Inevitable,’ Says Supply Chain Must Rebalance

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has weighed in on US restrictions on China’s semiconductor industry, calling the measures “inevitable.”

Intel Prepares to Lay Off Thousands

Intel is reportedly planning to lay off thousands of workers amid a slump in demand for PCs.

Intel CEO Says It’s Time for ‘A Bit of Austerity’

Following a surprise $500 million loss on its latest quarterly report, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says the company needs “a bit of austerity.”

Intel’s Rebound Hits Snags With $500 Million Loss and CPU Price Hikes

Intel just posted an unexpected $500 million loss for the quarter and will raise CPU prices, raising questions about its turnaround.

Intel the Latest Company to Implement a Hiring Freeze

Intel joins a growing list of companies that have initiated a freeze on hiring over fears of an impending economic downturn.

Intel Moves Up 2025 Chip Tech a Full Six Months

Intel’s efforts to catch up in the semiconductor industry are ahead of schedule, by as much as a full six months.

Nvidia May Use Intel’s Foundry Services

Intel may score a major foundry customer in the form of Nvidia, one of the biggest semiconductor purchasers in the industry.

Intel Announces Plans to Invest Up to $80 Billion in EU Chip-Making

Intel has announced its latest expansion effort, planning to spend up to $80 billion in chip-making in Europe.

Intel Interested in Consortium to Purchase Arm

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has expressed his interest in joining a consortium aimed at purchasing Arm Holdings.

Intel Confirms Ohio Semiconductor ‘Mega-Site’

Following reports Intel was looking to build two semiconductor plant in Ohio, the company has confirmed the news, calling it a “mega-site.”

Intel’s CEO: ‘AMD In the Rearview Mirror…Never Again In the Windshield’

Intel’s CEO Pat Gelsinger released a video on LinkedIn welcoming the new year, and took the opportunity to take a major swipe at rival AMD.

Intel Building $20 Billion Semiconductor Plant in Columbus, Ohio

Intel is continuing its aggressive expansion plans, selecting the Greater Columbus, Ohio area for its next $20 billion plant.

Intel and Italy Move Forward With Talks for $9 Billion Chip Factory

Intel and Italy are moving forward with negotiations to build a $9 billion chip factory.

TSMC Founder Doesn’t Think Gelsinger Has Enough Time to Save Intel

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is going full speed ahead in his efforts to turn Intel around, but TSMC founder Morris Chang thinks he’ll run out of time.

Intel Uses Dishonest Tactics in Benchmark Comparing i9 to Ryzen 9

Intel has been called out for using underhanded tactics in its latest benchmarks, which demonstrate the i9 12900K besting the Ryzen 9 5950X.

Intel CEO: Semiconductor Shortage Won’t End Until 2023

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger had bad news for everyone hoping the semiconductor shortage would end soon, saying it won’t happened until 2023.

Intel CEO: Previous CEOs Lost Focus on What Made Company Successful

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger isn’t pulling any punches about why Intel has struggled recently, blaming his predecessors for leading the company the wrong way.