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Tag: Next-gen consoles

More Than 5.3 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles Sold
Following E3 2013 it was clear that Sony was the clear favorite for gamers going into the next console generation. While Microsoft bet big on Kinect a...
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Tetris is Coming to PS4, Xbox One
Since its debut in 1984, Tetris has become one of the most well-known and iconic franchises in gaming history. Tetris games have appeared on almost ev...
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Sony Sold More Than 4.2 Million PlayStation 4s Last Year
Microsoft announced yesterday that it sold more than three million Xbox One consoles before the end of 2013. Now Sony has weighed in with its latest P...
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Microsoft Sold More Than 3 Million Xbox One Consoles Last Year
Months away from the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in November, both Sony and Microsoft are now settling in for a long console com...
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PlayStation 4 Sales Hit 2.1 Million
Two and a half weeks on from its debut in North America, the PlayStation 4 has now sold through to over 2.1 million customers worldwide. The announcem...
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Microsoft Also Sold One Million Consoles in One Day
Last week Sony announced that it had sold over 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles on the device’s North American release date. Now, Microsoft has ...
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Here’s A Recap Of Every Xbox One Launch Event Around The Globe
Armored trucks, super cars and zombies would all seem out of place in New York City at any other time of the year, but it all made perfect sense last ...
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New Xbox One Model Could Come in Early 2014
Microsoft today released its Xbox One console to huge fanfare in New York city. More than a game console, Microsoft is positioning the device as a all...
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Xbox One Hits Store Shelves; Here Are Its Future Games
Microsoft’s new Xbox One console is officially on sale in North America. While ostensibly a dedicated video game device, Microsoft is positionin...
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Xbox One Streaming Delayed to 2014, Twitch App Teased
Since last Friday, PlayStation 4 owners have been streaming their gameplay to web using Twitch and Ustream. Though the feature isn’t essential, ...
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Xbox One Launch Launch Countdown Airs Thursday Night
Last Thursday night, Sony held an hour-long countdown event in New York for the launch of the PlayStation 4. The event was filled with developer inter...
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Sony Sold Over One Million PlayStation 4s On Friday
For months now gamers have been anticipating the launch of the PlayStation 4 and on Friday those same fans were finally able to get their hands on Son...
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Microsoft Congratulates Sony on PlayStation 4 Launch
Sony’s PlayStation 4 is officially out today and the company is currently riding on a wave of next-generation console hype. With a week to go be...
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PlayStation 4 Out Today; Here’s What Gamers Can Expect
Today Sony officially launched its PlayStation 4 console. Gamers in countries across the world today will be switching on their new consoles and playi...
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Sony Expects to Sell 3 Million PS4s Before January
With only three days to go before the launch of the PlayStation 4 console, Sony is confident in both its product and its manufacturing process. Bloomb...
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Xbox One to Have Skydrive App at Launch
Microsoft today announced that its upcoming Xbox One console will have SkyDrive capabilities when it launches on November 22. Customers will be able t...
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Xbox One ‘Forza’ Demos Available in Microsoft Stores
With the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 now one week away, it seems that Microsoft is taking the opportunity to take away some of the spotlight ...
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Xbox One Streaming Video Apps Announced
Just yesterday, Sony revealed all of the video streaming apps that will launch with the PlayStation 4 next week. The list includes major brands such a...
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Here’s A Guided Tour Of The PlayStation 4 Hardware
Since E3 2013, we’ve known what the PS4 hardware looks like. It’s a sleek, black design that looks more like the PS2 than the PS3, and fan...
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Key PS4 Features Coming Via Launch-Day Patch
For months now, Sony has been teasing an abundance of new features for its upcoming PlayStation 4 console. Features such as remote gameplay on PS Vita...
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