T-Mobile Experiencing Outages Due to Severe Weather

As severe weather pummels much of the US, T-Mobile is experiencing outages throughout the country and especially in Texas.

T-Mobile Doubles Mid-Band 5G Coverage, Will Cover 100 Million By Year’s End

T-Mobile has doubled the extent of its mid-band 5G coverage in just a month, with plans to provide coverage to 100 million by year’s end.

T-Mobile: Verizon 5G Speeds About To Hit a Massive Speed Bump

T-Mobile President Neville Ray says that Verizon’s speeds on 5G and LTE are about to hit a massive speed bump. He adds, “You can’t enjoy 5G if you can’t get 5G.” Ouch!

T-Mobile Adds Mid-Band 5G In Over 80 Cities; Verizon Calls ‘Foul’

T-Mobile has rolled out high-speed, mid-band 5G in over 80 cities as it continues to utilize the spectrum it acquired with Sprint.

T-Mobile and Sprint Officially Unified Under T-Mobile Brand

Four months after completing a merger years in the making, T-Mobile has officially shut down the Sprint brand.

T-Mobile Explains Outage: ‘We Didn’t Meet Our Own Bar For Excellence’

T-Mobile experienced a major outage Monday, impacting thousands of customers around the world as voice and text services were down.

T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T Experiencing Outages

All three of the nation’s largest wireless carriers are experiencing technical difficulties Monday, with customers reporting outages across services.

T-Mobile Hits 5G Milestone With 50-State Coverage

T-Mobile has added another feather to its 5G cap with coverage in all 50 states, thanks to a roaming deal in Alaska.

Verizon Tries to Temper 5G Expectations

Verizon is downplaying 5G, when compared to 4G, saying customers will only see “some improvements” initially.