Morgan Stanley to Pay $35M Fine for Exposing 15M Customer Records

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reached a deal with Morgan Stanley over the latter’s failure to protect customer data.

Snowflake Results Buoy Cloud Computing Stocks

Snowflake turned in second-quarter results, and it was good news for the company and the cloud computing industry in general.

Amazon Has a Prime Pharmacy Problem

Amazon may be trying to lure people to its Amazon Prime with prescription cost savings, but customers aren’t buying it.

Alphabet Is Blockchain’s Biggest Corporate Investor

Alphabet is the biggest corporate investor in blockchain and crypto technology among the top 100 public companies over the last ten months.

Elon Musk Wants to Cut 10% of Tesla Staff

Elon Musk has reportedly sent an email to executives saying he has a “super bad feeling” about the economy and wants to cut jobs by 10% and freeze hiring.

Semiconductor Shortage May Disrupt iPhone 13 Supply

The semiconductor shortage may take a toll on Apple’s new iPhone 13, impacting the all important holiday sales season.

Reddit’s WallStreetBets Schools Wall Street

Wall Street may be the “experts” in the stock market, but analysts are increasingly looking to Reddit’s WallStreetBets for info.

Morgan Stanley Set to Buy E-Trade

Morgan Stanley has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase E-Trade, the popular electronic trading platform.

Investors Growing Impatient With IBM’s Cloud Strategy, Want Results

CNN is reporting that investors are growing increasingly restless with IBM’s cloud strategy and are anxious to see results. IBM may be one of the most trusted names in the tech industry, with a history going back decades, but that…

Microsoft Expected To Make Major Cloud Gains At The Expense Of—Everyone

On the heals of a survey showing Microsoft making significant inroads in the cloud industry, Morgan Stanley has even worse news for the company’s competitors, according to Business Insider. In the previous survey by Goldman Sachs—despite AWS taking in the…

Microsoft on Track to Reach $1 Trillion Market Cap in a Year, Says Morgan Stanley Report

Investors have been anticipating the close race to the $1 trillion market cap between Apple and Amazon, but analysts at Morgan Stanley are also counting on Microsoft to hit the mark within a year. The investment bank hiked its stock…

Google’s New CFO is the ‘Most Powerful Woman on Wall Street’

Google has found its new CFO. Ruth Porat, who currently serves as Chief Financial Officer for Morgan Stanley, will be joining Google on May 26. She’ll replace outgoing CFO Patrick Pichette, who announced his retirement earlier this month. “We’re tremendously…

Nasdaq Glitch Blamed for Facebook’s Abysmal IPO Performance

As we reported on Friday, Nasdaq is getting the blame for Facebook’s botched IPO launch and the subsequent poor trading performance in the days that followed. The remarks come from a court filing by Facebook and Morgan Stanley who seek…

Groupon Gets an Upgrade by Morgan Stanley Analyst from Equal Weight to Overweight

Groupon shares are on the rise this morning as after Morgan Stanley analyst, Scott Devitt, raised the company’s status from Equal Weight to Overweight. Despite closing just above $10 per share on Friday, early morning trading reached as high as…

Facebook Blames Nasdaq and Wants to Consolidate IPO Investor Lawsuits

The one month anniversary of Facebook’s much anticipated initial public offering is close at hand, and the social networking giant has yet to address investor concern or the countless lawsuits which have been filed against the Nasdaq, Mark Zuckerberg, or…

Facebook Stocks Finds New Low at $25.75

It seems like everyday marks a new low for the folks over at Facebook. Today, stock prices slipped below the $26 mark to $25.75. Considering shares started out at $38, I would say the IPO has lost almost all of…

Morgan Stanley Praised for Facebook IPO by COO

Morgan Stanley Chairman and Chief Executive, James Gorman is defending the work they did on the Facebook IPO, claiming they played it 100% by the book and that also, he isn’t aware of any dissent regarding Facebook share prices or…

Facebook IPO Pushes Investors off the Stock Market

Sometimes something is just a bad investment, and as time goes on, the shares you purchased in the company just lose more and more value. At other times, as with the Facebook IPO, it is clear that you were swindled.…

Fidelity has Confirmed their Client’s Facebook Trades

If you haven’t heard about Facebook’s disastrous IPO debut, I welcome you out of your cave and am happy to give you an update. Essentially, the Nasdaq stock market delayed the 11AM start by as much as thirty minutes while…

Facebook Stock Closes at $32 on Wednesday

Facebook stock is once again closing in the $30 price range at $31.99 as the Nasdaq market closed at 4PM today. It opened at $31.37, rose as high as $32.50, and dipped as low as $31.36. So not a lot…