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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets Plenty Of New Features In Title Update 7
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is making bank for Microsoft, Mojang and everybody else involved. The game just recently surpassed 4.4 million copies sold ...
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You Can Now Get A 3D Printed Model Of Your Minecraft Masterpiece
Some of the creations people make in Minecraft border on “Seven Wonders” style grandeur. Those who make them are obviously proud, but thei...
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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets Another Massive Update
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has proven to be a hit beyond anybody’s expectations. The success is great, but it means that 4J Studios has to work ...
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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Gets Creative Mode And More In Next Update
Minecraft continues to be the best selling XBLA game ever released on the service. It’s kind of amazing since the original PC version is leaps a...
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Minecraft Dev Tells Microsoft to Stop “Trying to Ruin the PC”
Putting aside all the criticism Microsoft has been getting on its upcoming Windows 8 operating system regarding its new user interface (and also it no...
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Minecraft XBLA Update 1.8.2 Coming Soon, Brings New Food
Minecraft on Xbox Live Arcade has been extremely successful to say the least. The Xbox 360 port of the PC indie darling has been embraced by fans old ...
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Minecraft Developer Doubles its Yearly Profits
The popularity of Minecraft simply doesn’t seem to be waning. In first 15 months since Minecraft launched, the Swedish developer behind the game...
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Minecraft And Disneyland Team Up For Minecon 2012
You may remember Minecon, the official convention for all things Minecraft, from last year. The convention took place in Las Vegas and Notch officiall...
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Watch Conan O’Brien Stumble His Way Through Minecraft
As far as late night show hosts go, Jimmy Fallon is the biggest gamer of the bunch. His show is host to a plethora of exclusive game demos from some o...
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Minecraft 1.3 Tears Down The Barrier Between Single Player and Multi-Player
The times where I do have fun with Minecraft is when I’m on a multi-player server with some friends. The single player experience is a little to...
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Mojang’s Scrolls Looks To Make Card Games Fun Again
Mojang made a name for themselves with Minecraft. The indie darling took the world by storm and is still going strong. Mojang can only stick with one ...
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Minecraft Isn’t as Fun With Real Physics
Minecraft has a strange way with physics. Players can certainly build complicated Rube Goldberg devices using the wonky physics in the game, but playe...
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Minecraft Breaks Xbox 360 Sales Records
Microsoft today announced that the Xbox Live Arcade port of the popular indie PC game Minecraft has broken digital sales records for the platform. Min...
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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Profitable Within An Hour
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which is quite possible for Minecraft players, you are no doubt aware of the Xbox 360 version of the sem...
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Notch vs. Pirate Quake 3 Match Delayed
Last week I brought you the fascinating story of how the creator of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson, was challenged to a bout of Quake 3...
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Minecraft Creator “Notch” Challenged to Quake 3 by a Pirate
Independent video game developers have a reputation for responding to and being involved in the communities that love their games. Perhaps no single d...
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Minecraft Maker Creating New Science Fiction Game
Minecraft creator Markus Persson (a.k.a. ‘Notch’) has announced sparse details on a new game he is working on with Swedish indie-game deve...
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Mars Effect Is The Next Game From Minecraft Creator
Notch and his company, Mojang, have been busy developing new ideas after he left Minecraft in the capable hands of Jeb. One of those games was Scrolls...
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Minecraft Developer Mojang Takes in $80 Million
Mojang, the Swedish indie-game developer, has taken in $80 million in the 15 months since Minecraft launched. Tim Bradshaw on the tech blog for the Fi...
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Minecraft Creator Settles With Bethesda Over Scrolls Trademark
One of the most interesting legal events to happen in gaming last year was when Bethesda, publisher of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, sued indie studio ...
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