Watch Conan O'Brien Stumble His Way Through Minecraft

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As far as late night show hosts go, Jimmy Fallon is the biggest gamer of the bunch. His show is host to a plethora of exclusive game demos from some of the biggest names in the industry. The only problem - he's not very funny. Conan O'Brien on the other hand is not a gamer, but it's funny watching him try.

O'Brien runs a segment called "Clueless Gamer" that has the gameshow host playing and reviewing popular video games. This week is Minecraft, the simple, yet complex, world builder from Mojang. For somebody who knows nothing about games, O'Brien is a surprisingly adept game reviewer.

His final conclusion: Minecraft is a game for kids with glaucoma and people who don't know what a real house looks like. He also doesn't understand why monsters are able to shoot arrows. The game is at least educational as it teaches kids why his family left Ireland during the potato famine. Out of an 88 rating system with 110 being excellent and a three being not bad, he gives Minecraft a score of 26 C.

I think we can all agree that O'Brien should just review games from now on. His skills are obviously being wasted as a late night show host. This is almost as good as that time he took over Mashable.

[h/t: Joystiq]

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