You Can Now Get A 3D Printed Model Of Your Minecraft Masterpiece


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Some of the creations people make in Minecraft border on "Seven Wonders" style grandeur. Those who make them are obviously proud, but their creations are just digital imprints that only last as long as the server or hard drive hosting it stays around.

To help combat this particularly depressing scenario, FigurePrints has started to make 3D prints of Minecraft creations. The company has already made a name for itself by crafting 3D printed models of players' World of Warcraft and Xbox Live avatars.

An entire Minecraft world is obviously a bit more complicated, but the folks at FigurePrints are ready to take on the challenge. Speaking to Wired, FigurePrints founder Ed Fries says that he wrote a program that lets the company "view the Minecraft world - it can detect anything that is floating and that solves a lot of problems, it can fill in parts that are completely enclosed and it can shell parts to make it less expensive."

Minecraft players interested in having their words turned into physical objects will be pleased to know the process is pretty simple. First, you'll need to download the Minecraft World Exporter for free from FigurePrints' Web site. After that, choose a portion of the world you want printed and send it off to FigurePrints to be made. The price varies, but you'll be paying about $100 for any given model.

It should be noted that it will take the guys at FigurePrints about a month to print out any model. It might take longer depending on how complicated the model is. Fries told Wired that some models may also be rejected due to their complexity. Those interested are encouraged to pick relatively solid models that are free of empty space or floating blocks.