Minecraft Isn't as Fun With Real Physics


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Minecraft has a strange way with physics. Players can certainly build complicated Rube Goldberg devices using the wonky physics in the game, but players can also ride waterfalls as if they were elevators. Oh, and things can hover in mid-air too. Despite the incongruous physics (or maybe because of them), Minecraft still manages to be endearing. But what if a more realistic physics engine were used for the game?

YouTube user TheKrishux had that same thought, and decided to improve 3D rendering skills using Minecraft elements. He has uploaded a video of his results, showing a box smashing into a player, a crane smashing through a wall, and hundreds of characters falling into a rather large box. From the YouTube video description:

Clearly this video isn't actual Minecraft
Made this video to take my mind off of bigger projects (mostly still images).. In overall I am content with the outcome, still some things could be better, but thats the process of learning, isn't it.. Hope you enjoyed!

TheKrishux states that he used the free, open-source 3D rendering software Blender to create the project. Take a look below to see how Minecraft would look with ragdoll physics. As it turns out, it basically becomes a cheap-looking Garry's Mod, the sandbox mod for Valve's Source engine:

(via Kotaku)