Mojang's Scrolls Looks To Make Card Games Fun Again

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Mojang made a name for themselves with Minecraft. The indie darling took the world by storm and is still going strong. Mojang can only stick with one game for so long, however, and announced a few more games. Notch's project, 0x10c, won't be out for a while, but Mojang's other game, Scrolls, is starting up the hype train.

The guys over at Mojang have updated the Scrolls Web site with more information about the game and the team that's making it. For those unaware, Scrolls is a collectible card game like Magic: The Gathering. To make a direct comparison between the two would be a little unfair though. It looks to be a breath of fresh air from those tired of other CCGs like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh.

The new Web site has given us some updated information on the game itself. The gameplay will feature two players attempting to destroy three idols on the opponents side of the board with their cards. The cards are contained in a scroll, hence the name, and feature the usual selection of monsters, spells, enchantments, structures, etc.

Scrolls has been in a closed alpha for a while now, but will soon be entering into an open beta. At this point, the game will start to offer payment options like Minecraft. Players who buy the game now will get it a half-price and receive future updates for free. Buying the game will earn players a new scroll once a week to help build their decks with.

The problem with describing CCGs is that it all sounds really boring. There's a world of difference between describing Magic and actually playing it. While I haven't been able to play Scrolls yet, the newly released trailer does a great job of showing off the gameplay. It's looking pretty fantastic so far and far more tailored to my tastes than Minecraft was.

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