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Tag: Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines Flight: Did Fishermen See Plane?
An increasing number of eyewitness sightings are being shared with the public as the search for Flight MH370 approaches the end of a second unsuccessf...
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Malaysia Airlines: Thailand Held Info for Ten Days
The Associated Press is reporting that Thailand has now come forward with a new piece of information regarding the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that h...
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Courtney Love Solves Malaysia Airlines Mystery?
Rolling Stone reports that former Hole front woman and Kurt Cobain widow, Courtney Love, has offered her two cents on where the missing Malaysia Airli...
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Malaysia Airlines Ad: Real Or Hoax?
By now you have likely heard about how a Malaysia Airlines flight went missing over a week ago. Even as twenty different countries search for some rem...
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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Likely Hijacked
Many questions remain unanswered following the announcement that investigators suspect, and possibly have suspected for sometime, that Malaysia Airlin...
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Tomnod Website Set Up To Involve Public In The Search For Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
A website,, has been set up to enable the public to help in solving the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The pla...
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Flight 370: Ju Kun, Who Was Working On Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo,’ Was On Board
Details about some of the passengers on Malaysia Airlines flight 370 have been emerging over the last couple days, and one of those on board was Ju Ku...
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Malaysia Airlines: Why Did Cellphones Still Work?
There is one eerie aspect of the story of still missing Flight MH370 that only adds to the mystery of the plane’s disappearance. Many assume the...
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Malaysia Airlines Attempts At Comfort Fall Short
The days spent waiting for word on the fates of their friends and families aboard the presumed crashed Flight MH370 have begun to take their toll. Som...
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Malaysia Airlines: Philip Wood Confirmed As Passenger
Early Friday night (March 7th), news broke around the world of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as it disappeared from various radar scanners. MH370 had...
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Malaysia Airlines Plane: Was It Hijacked?
As the search for the vanished Flight MH370 continues, the likely outcome becomes grimmer and grimmer with each passing minute. Already the surviving ...
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Malaysia Airlines: NYT Reports Oil Slick Sighting
The New York Times is reporting that the first clue as to the fate of Flight MH370 may have been found. An oil slick spanning 12 miles has been spotte...
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