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Tag: Malaysia Airlines

Jason Biggs Apologizes for Offensive Malaysia Airlines Tweet
Jason Biggs has once again apologized for a tweet he posted Thursday following the downing of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine, which ki...
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Malaysian Flight MH17 Possibly Shot Down: Who Is Responsible?
On Thursday, a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane was allegedly shot down over Ukrainian airspace. There were a total of 295 people on Flight MH17 and ...
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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Autopilot Theory Points to Hypoxia
The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues to be one of the biggest mysteries of 2014, and has left many not just grieving the loss o...
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Flight MH370: New Witness Comes Forward
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 remains unaccounted for since it vanished on March 8th. Though recovery efforts are ongoing, hope is fading that the pl...
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MH370 Report: Why Did Officials Wait Four Hours?
On March 8th, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing and was never heard from again. Even though the search continues, it seems to grow more hope...
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MH370 Report Shows Time Gap Before Search And Rescue
According to a preliminary report released concerning Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), air traffic controllers did not realize the plane was miss...
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Malaysia Airlines Wreckage to be Surveyed Underwater
On April 5, the international search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 had its biggest discovery to date – a ping from below the oc...
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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Nearly Found?
In a short time the black box belonging to Flight MH370 will run out of battery life. That is, if the black boxes on the plane haven’t lost powe...
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Malaysia Airlines Flight Simulator News Update
We told you recently that investigators had finished their comb-through of all the passengers of flight MH370. The police Inspector-General had determ...
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Black Box Data Detector: Why Did It Take So Long?
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on the morning of March 8th. Nearly three weeks later, a warship equipped with a black box detector will be ...
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Black Box Data: Lost MH370 Fuels Live-Streaming Talk
With the fate of Malaysia flight MH370 still uncertain three weeks after the plane’s disappearance, a debate has reignited over the possibility ...
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Flight MH370 Victims’ Families Upset Over Text
For eighteen days, family members have been anxiously awaiting news about their loved ones, who were on board the Malaysia Airline’s flight MH37...
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Malaysian Flight 370 Found? Crashed In Indian Ocean
After weeks of speculation as to the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Malaysian government officials announced today that they are certain the ...
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Conspiracy Theories Over Flight MH370 Inevitable
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing on March 8th and so did the 239 people on board. Two weeks have passed and there is still no sign of the a...
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Malaysia Airlines Flight: China Shares Debris Photo
Yet another satellite image has been released that identifies possible debris from Flight 370. This time the nation of China has come forward with a s...
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Malaysia Airlines: Search For MH370 Debris Continues
A major break in the case of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has led to a massive search of the freezing southern waters of the Indian Ocean. An ...
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Amelia Earhart Situation For Flight 370
International attention focusing on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has led to collective concern that the most recent occurrence co...
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Malaysia Airlines Theories Run Rampant. What’s Yours?
Ever since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on March 8, we’ve seen one idea after another trying to explain what happened as the search...
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Malaysia Airlines: Deleted Flight Files Now Sought
As the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continues, one of the avenues of investigation centers around the fact that the captain of the flight, on...
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Malaysia Airlines: A Much Simpler Theory Emerges
In the ongoing saga that is the mystery of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, there has been no shortage of theories. Recently we even...
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