Malaysia Airlines Attempts At Comfort Fall Short

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The days spent waiting for word on the fates of their friends and families aboard the presumed crashed Flight MH370 have begun to take their toll.

Some family members of missing passengers have banded together to demand the truth from Malaysia Airlines. They believe that the airline is keeping secrets regarding what went wrong for the vanished Boeing 777.

The angry reaction includes both an angry letter written to Malaysia Airlines and an impromptu press conference.

One man, who refused to identify himself, shared his frustration and distrust of the airline with reporters on Sunday. "We don't believe Malaysia Airlines anymore," he said. "Sorry everyone, we just don't believe them anymore."

Despite the lack of faith in Malaysia Airlines, they are continuing to provide a number of services to those awaiting answers. A number of caregivers were sent to Beijing to see that family members were given everything they need. This includes food, accommodation, and financial assistance.

The one thing that the airline cannot offer at present is answers.

Hugh Dunleavy, the commercial director for Malaysia Airlines, admits that they are still trying to determine for themselves the truth of what happened to the still missing airplane.

Dunleavy said to the Associated Press on Sunday, "Until you actually find the aircraft you have no way of knowing what actually went on there."

He added that for now, all the airline can do is offer what little comfort they can until such time as answers can be found. Dunleavy said that the airline wished to avoid "raising false hopes" as to the fate of the passengers and crew aboard Flight MH370.

For now the only information the family members are getting is via the media, a fact which frustrates them greatly.

One man commented on the lack of transparency, "We...feel that [this] is a very improper...way to treat the family members."

Whether or not Malaysia Airlines has done enough is a very subjective topic, however it's understandable that tensions remain high the longer time passes without the discovery of the missing plane.

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