Malaysia Airlines: Why Did Cellphones Still Work?


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There is one eerie aspect of the story of still missing Flight MH370 that only adds to the mystery of the plane's disappearance.

Many assume the worst has happened to the Boeing 777 and now, it's only a matter of trying to recover the remains of the plane. It is a task that is proving to be far more difficult than anyone anticipated. Despite the joint efforts of several nations, there seems to be no trace of the Malaysia Airlines plane.

As the family members of the missing passengers and crew wait for some kind of word, some were so desperate that they called the cellphones of their missing family members. This is when they made a startling discovery.

For whatever reason, somehow, several individuals were able to successfully ring the phones of their still missing loved ones.

One Chinese woman, a sister to a man on the flight, demonstrated this ability on camera. In the video you can clearly see that the phone is ringing. Somehow, a connection has been established. It is simply that no one on the other end of the phone answers.

Is it not an ability unique to this particular woman and her brother's phone; other family members claim that they are also successfully able to connect to the phones of missing passengers. It is just that no one answers.

One possible but still unfortunate explanation is that the plane somehow made it to land rather than crashed in the ocean, but nevertheless went down.

No one at present can explain the ability to reach the passenger's cellphones, but one wonders whether or not this means that there is a possibility that the phones are somehow traceable.

If all else fails, this is certainly something to consider as a means of finally locating the Malaysia Airlines flight and the nearly 300 people on board.

Image via Wikimedia Commons