Malaysia Airlines Ad: Real Or Hoax?

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By now you have likely heard about how a Malaysia Airlines flight went missing over a week ago. Even as twenty different countries search for some remnants of the Boeing 777, it seems that an old Malaysia Airlines advertisement has surfaced. An ad that in retrospect appears disturbingly ironic.

If you're on Twitter, you may have seen an image being re-tweeted that is supposedly a snapshot of the Malaysia Airlines website featuring a pair of images used to advertise for the airlines.

One image features what is supposedly a Malaysia Airlines jet airliner flying through the clouds next to the phrase, "Our New Boeing 777: Lose Yourself On A Journey Of Epic Proportions".


Another image features a man and woman embracing in an exotic location next to the words, "Wherever you go, no one will ever know." While the first image ad seemed an unfortunate coincidence, this second quote seems downright ominous.

And it is that ominous tone that should help clue you into the fact that these ads are fake.

The strongest indication that this is a photo manipuation is how the plane shown is supposed to be a Boeing 777.

If you know nothing about planes, it likely seems an accurate enough image and many people will likely be fooled.

However, those persons who do know planes are saying the featured jet airline is NOT a Boeing 777, but is apparently an Airbus A380.

Are we to believe that Malaysia Airlines would advertise an A380 as a 777? Wouldn't Boeing have a thing or two to say about such an ad? No doubt such a mistake would have been newsworthy. And with a week having gone by, it's highly unlikely so much time would have passed before these images surfaced.

Aside from the problem with the featured airplane, there's also the wording of the second image ad as it relates to the first image ad. Both hint at disappearing and never being heard from again. It's just too much of a coincidence to be an a genuine image from the Malaysia Airlines website.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of folks on social media, we can call this out as the tasteless hoax that it is. Some angry netizens are already blaming 4chan, a forum known for a brand of humor that moves towards an extreme that is often tasteless and cruel.

Whether or not the board is to blame is irrelevant. The image is simply a testament to the fact that no matter how terrible or serious the situation, there's always going to be some internet troll looking to get some cheap laughs out of it.

I guess that sad individuals needs something to do to pass the time in the darkness of their mother's basement.

Image via Twitter

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