Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Likely Hijacked

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Many questions remain unanswered following the announcement that investigators suspect, and possibly have suspected for sometime, that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may have been hijacked.

Investigators are now saying they believe that one or more persons with flight experience switched off communication devices and deliberately steered the plane off course. Pilot or mechanical errors have been ruled out, making the reality of a hijacking "conclusive".

One of the strongest reasons for this assumption is the twelve minute gap between the airplane's last transponder signal and a messaging system on the plane quitting. In the event of a crash, such a gap would never occur, suggesting deliberate human interference.

It also seemed to investigating officials that the airplane was steered in such a way as to avoid detection by radar.

An American official told the Associated Press that one popular theory is that the plane was taken in an act of piracy.

There are other theories floating around at present as no one has come forward to take credit for the alleged hijacking and there is no known motive.

The news will be vindication for the relatives who have been impatiently waiting for an explanation regarding why it is that they could still ring the cellphones of their missing family members.

The angry gathering of family members in Beijing had recently called a press conference declaring that they did not believe what they were being told by Malaysia Airlines. They vehemently demanded the truth about the missing plane.

The truth, or at least a new round of theories, seems to be emerging at last.

Investigators have been reluctant to reveal what they know at present. Many are already asking exactly how long various governments have known that Flight 370 was likely hijacked.

Is the tight-lipped response an effort to prevent hijackers from knowing that government officials are closing in on their whereabouts or is this an effort to mask incompetence?

Only time will tell.

Perhaps this news will allow for some glimmer of hope that though spirited away through nefarious means, the persons on Flight 370 may still be alive.

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