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Klout Reportedly Drops The Perks
Klout had a feature called Klout Perks, which let users earn rewards for their influence. These included various products, discounts, and VIP access. ...
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Klout Score Now Includes YouTube Views, Likes, Shares
One would have thought that by now, Klout would have included YouTube data. People do after all make hiring decisions based on Klout score (allegedly)...
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InPowered Is The Anti-Klout. Here’s Why.
InPowered is the anti-Klout. Okay, maybe Klouchebag is the real anti-Klout, but there can be more than one can’t there? Besides, Klouchebag is d...
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Klout Launches Android App After iOS App Increases Sharing
Last month, Klout launched a new iOS app, promising an Android version in the near future. Now, that version is here. The app is, of course, based on ...
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Klout Launches New App For iOS, Android On The Way
Klout has launched a new iOS app that reflects the major changes to its service it rolled out earlier this year. If you haven’t looked at Klout ...
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Klout And Lithium Technologies Announce Acquisition
We’ve known since last month that Klout was being acquired by Lithium Technologies, thanks to a report from Re/code, but it was never confirmed ...
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Report: Klout Acquisition Official
Last month, we learned that Klout was to be acquired by Lithium Technologies after Re/Code broke the news, which was never actually confirmed. Now, it...
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After Major Overhaul, Klout To Be Acquired By Lithium Technologies [Report]
Update: A Klout spokesperson offers, “Klout doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation.” Klout is reportedly about to be acquired by Lithiu...
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Klout CEO Explains How The New Klout Is Its First Product To Help Users
On Thursday, Klout launched a big redesign with a focus on “creating content,” which I suggested was really more about sharing content tha...
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Klout Just Turned Into A Social News Reader
Klout just got a big redesign. Head over to now, and you’ll see a page encouraging you to “Create and share great content.”...
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Bing Gets Snapshots From Klout In Search Results
Klout announced an extension of its partnership with Bing today with the launch of Klout-verified snapshots in Bing search results. Klout’s Paul...
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Klout Now Factors Bing Searches into Your Score
Starting today, Klout will begin to factor in another element when calculating your total score. Now, your Klout score includes Bing search prevalence...
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Klout Score Now Takes Into Account Instagram Data
Klout has just announced that its adding another element into your influence score: Instagram. “Instagram generates some of social media’s mos...
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Klout Launches Klout For Business
Klout announced the launch of Klout for Business on Thursday with the tagline, “Find the influencers in your audience.” Klout for Business...
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How Much Does Klout Score Matter?
“While you may abhor the idea of a company like Klout judging or grading you on a daily basis, it’s already happening and companies are pa...
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Klout Score Just Now Takes Into Account Facebook Pages
Klout, the company that claims to help you “discover and be recognized for how you influence the world,” announced today that it is now in...
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Bing Invests In Klout, Adds It To Social Sidebar
Bing announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Klout, including an strategic investment in the company. This, a Bing spokesperson te...
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Facebook Acquires Threadsy, Creator of Facebook-Centric Influence Tracker Swaylo
Facebook has just made another partial acquisition – this time in the form of Threadsy, a startup best known for their Klout-like service Swaylo...
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Klout Announces New Algorithm at LeWeb London 2012
In what was probably the most awkward interview of all time, Co-Founder and CEO of Klout, Joe Fernandez talked about some changes that are going to be...
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Klout Upgrades Its API To Be Faster And Stronger
Klout is one of those services that’s important to those invested in the social media industry. It’s a service that rates your social medi...
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