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Tag: Killzone

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets Two New Trailers Ahead Of PS4 Launch
Killzone: Shadow Fall is one of the most anticipated PS4 launch titles, and for good reason. The team at Guerilla Games have crafted what looks to be ...
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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets A Live-Action Trailer
The live-action trailer is one of the most overused “genres” of game trailers. Since Microsoft started the trend with Halo 3, every AAA bl...
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Watch The Killzone: Mercenary Dev Team Talk Storytelling
Killzone Mercenary may already be out, but Sony isn’t quite done with the first shooter on the Vita to get it right. Perhaps in an attempt to re...
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Here’s 18 Minutes Of Fresh Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay
Every next gen platform launch needs that one “wow” game that really excites gamers with the kind of visuals that just aren’t possib...
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Killzone: Shadow Fall Director Shares Details On The PS4 Launch Title
On November 15, the PS4 will launch and kickstart the next generation of gaming. On that day, Killzone: Shadow Fall will be one of the very first game...
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Of Course Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Have A DLC Season Pass
The next generation of consoles will bring with it a lot of changes – better graphics, social integration and live streaming to name a few. One ...
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Killzone: Mercenary Gets A Launch Trailer
Killzone: Mercenary is the first of two big Vita titles hitting Sony’s handheld in the latter half of 2013. It promised to bring the console Kil...
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Killzone Mercenary Gets A Making Of Trailer
The PlayStation Vita may be getting plenty of love from indie developers these days, but the AAA experiences that some gamers crave are few and far be...
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Latest Killzone: Shadow Fall Trailer Is Nothing But Gameplay
It’s rare to find a game trailer that’s just nothing but gameplay. There always has to be a narrator or an annoying dubstep track to prove...
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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets A Touch Of Hollywood Talent
You usually don’t look for great storytelling in big budget shooters, but the guys at Guerilla Games are at least wanting to inject a little Hol...
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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets A Touch Pad Gimmick
The PS3 introduced the world to a sixaxis motion controller that developers felt needed to be integrated into every PS3 game. It got pretty annoying, ...
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Killzone: Mercenary Gets A 15-Minute Live Demo
Killzone: Shadow Fall may be getting all the attention as one of the best looking PS4 launch titles, but its little brother – Killzone: Mercenar...
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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets A 21-Minute Live Demo
Game trailers are the primary vehicle to sell a game for developers and publishers, but it’s not always effective. Can you really trust a traile...
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Here’s An Inside Look At PS4 Development From The Killzone Team
Sony’s Conversations with Creators series has been wonderful. We’ve gotten an inside look at PS4 development from some of the most talente...
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Jimmy Fallon Plays Killzone: Shadow Fall On The PS4
Jimmy Fallon is in an enviable position. He’s gamer, and his show is popular among gamers. That means that he gets to play all the latest games ...
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Here’s All The Games Coming To PS4 So Far
Last night, Sony unveiled the PS4 to the masses. Well, the company revealed the controller and the hardware specs, but not the actual machine itself. ...
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Killzone: Mercenary Gives The Vita A Much Needed Boost On September 17
The PlayStation Vita has a problem – it has no games. Sure, the handheld got some excellent releases last year in the form of Gravity Rush and P...
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