Watch The Killzone: Mercenary Dev Team Talk Storytelling

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Killzone Mercenary may already be out, but Sony isn't quite done with the first shooter on the Vita to get it right. Perhaps in an attempt to remind people that Killzone is on both the Vita and PS4 this year, it has released a developer diary that discusses the development of Killzone Mercenary.

In what appears to be the first episode of a series of videos, the developers at Guerilla Cambridge talk about how they approached the story in the latest Killzone game. The series has always been Sony's answer to Microsoft's Halo franchise, and has a similar focus on story with a fully-fleshed out universe.

In Mercenary, the developers wanted to take players out of the traditional mindset that the Helghast are the bad guys while the ISA are the good guys. Instead, the team focused on a third faction of mercenaries that work for both sides to deliver what they call the "ambiguity of war."

Killzone Mercenary is now available on the PlayStation Vita. The next Killzone game - Killzone: Shadow Fall - will launch with the PS4 on November 15.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]

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