Killzone: Mercenary Gets A 15-Minute Live Demo


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Killzone: Shadow Fall may be getting all the attention as one of the best looking PS4 launch titles, but its little brother - Killzone: Mercenary - is aiming to be the best of the bunch on the PlayStation Vita when it launches on the handheld later this year.

The team behind the new portable shooter talked with Sony during E3 2013 last week about the game and what they're aiming to do with it. The main goal is to make a competent shooter for Sony's handheld after 2012 yielded two subpar first-person shooters on a handheld that was seemingly built for the genre.

Killzone: Mercenary is one of the very few big studio games hitting the Vita this year, and it's unlikely that the game is going to sell units. It will, however, give some respite to Vita owners that are finding it harder and harder to justify their purchase of the $250 handheld.

For those Vita owners that aren't into shooters, you've still got plenty of indie titles coming to the handheld in the coming year.

Killzone: Mercenary will launch on September 10 exclusively for PlayStation Vita.