Here's All The Games Coming To PS4 So Far


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Last night, Sony unveiled the PS4 to the masses. Well, the company revealed the controller and the hardware specs, but not the actual machine itself. That wasn't super important, however, as we got a good look at a number of games running on prototype PS4 hardware.

We already knew that Evolution Studios, team behind the Motorstorm franchise, and Guerilla Games, team behind the Killzone franchise, would be at the show with their new games. Both studios did not disappoint with Evolution showing off DriveClub and Guerilla showing off Killzone Shadow Fall. Both games do an excellent job of showing off the raw power of the PS4.

Other first-party Sony studios were there as well including Sucker Punch and Mark Cerny from Sony Japan studios. Sucker Punch is making a spin-off of its inFamous franchise called Second Son that seems to be a multiplayer version of the super hero open world game set in a futuristic London. The other is Knack, a new IP from Mark Cerny that looks absolutely adorable.

Finally, Sony showed off some quality third-party content in the form of new IP and an highly anticipated indie title. The new IP from Capcom, codenamed Deep Down, looks a lot like Dragon's Dogma and Dark Souls had a disturbingly evil child that wants to consume players' souls. The other is Jonathan Blow's The Witness, the highly anticipated indie title from the creator of Braid.

There were a number of other game prototypes and vague announcements at the show. Media Molecule is working on some kind of sculpting concert simulator thing. Square Enix promised a new Final Fantasy to be shown at E3. Finally, David Cage of Quantic Dream showed off a creepy floating head.

Here's All The Games Coming To the PS4 So Far