Here's 18 Minutes Of Fresh Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay

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Every next gen platform launch needs that one "wow" game that really excites gamers with the kind of visuals that just aren't possible on current generation platforms. Watch Dogs looked to be that game, but it's been delayed until Spring 2014. Taking its place is Killzone: Shadow Fall - the latest game in a franchise that pushed the limits of what the PS2 and PS3 were capable of visually.

Now, visuals aren't everything when it comes to next generation consoles. We also expect to play games in all new ways. Well, you're probably not going to get that with Killzone: Shadow Fall, but you are going to get an expertly crafted first person shooter experience.

Check out the gameplay for yourself as an 18 minute gameplay video has emerged from September's Tokyo Game Show:

In more Killzone: Shadow Fall news, the game's director recently answered a number of questions regarding the upcoming game, including details on the single player campaign, multiplayer customization and dedicated servers.

Sony also uploaded a story trailer this morning for the title to give you an idea of what to expect from the latest chapter in the Killzone story:

Killzone: Shadow Fall recently went gold and will launch on November 15 exclusively for the PS4.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]

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