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Bristol Palin Shares News of Death in the Family
Bristol Palin, who recently shared the exciting news of the birth of her baby girl, also shared some sad news with her social media followers. Taking ...
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Bristol Palin Welcomes Baby Girl
Bristol Palin welcomed a baby girl into her world on Wednesday. The daughter of Sarah Palin also gave birth as a teenage mom when Palin was John McCai...
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Donald Trump Takes the Low Road Compared to John McCain as Fan Calls Obama a Muslim
Donald Trump has been accused of stirring up xenophobia and other such baser sentiments among potential voters in his push to become President of the ...
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Rush Limbaugh And Donald Trump Share This Success Secret
Russh Limbaugh recently took time to parse out the mess that Donald Trump finds himself in after insulting John McCain. Not surprisingly, he defended ...
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Sarah Palin Calls Donald Trump Insult of McCain a ‘Slip-Up,’ and Trump a ‘Hero’
Sarah Palin has trumped Ted Cruz in her latest desperate plea to be recognized as still somehow more relevant than anyone else with a Facebook page. &...
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Donald Trump Disowned by GOP, Laughed Out by News Agencies
Donald Trump got the fighting side of Meghan McCain yesterday when he spoke ill of her daddy, Senator John McCain. On stage at the Family Leadership S...
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Meghan McCain Nails Donald Trump, Everyone Piles On
Meghan McCain runs an interesting line. She is the daughter of Senator John McCain, and was long seen by some as a staunch conservative from the Palin...
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Carly Fiorina Expected to Declare Candidacy for Republican Presidential Nomination
Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is expected to declare her candidacy on Monday for the Republican presidential nomination. NPR reports s...
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How Old is Hillary Clinton? Is She Practically Guaranteed the Democratic Nomination?
How old is Hillary Clinton? The question is trending in light of the former first lady throwing her hat into that proverbial presidential contender...
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Loretta Lynch Confirmation Could Be Stalled Until April
Loretta Lynch has been waiting since November for her confirmation from the Senate to become the next attorney general. In a bid to force the Senate t...
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John McCain Disapproves of Obama and Ted Cruz
Back in the 2008 presidential election race, John McCain hammered at then-candidate Barack Obama for his lack of experience in military matters, espec...
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Sarah Palin Family Brawl Gets Comment from John McCain
John McCain is outspoken about a number of things, but he typically lets conversation about his former running mate Sarah Palin go across the plate wi...
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Sarah Palin Admits to Costing McCain the 2008 Race; Owes an Apology
Ever since 2008, when John McCain selected Sarah Palin, a little-known first-term governor from Alaska, to be his running mate, voters have been polar...
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Meghan McCain Sick of Sarah Palin’s Gas
“I am not going to subscribe to Sarah Palin’s $9.95 per month. I got all the Sarah Palin I need for one lifetime.” Meghan McCain, outspoken daug...
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Meghan McCain Hates Karl Rove, Blasts Republican Leadership
Meghan McCain was interviewed on Ora.TV’s PoliticKING with Larry King on Thursday, and said many not nice things about Karl Rove. Although the inter...
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Charles Keating, Jr. Dies At Age 90
A key figure in the savings and loans scandal of the 1980s has died. Charles H. Keating, Jr., died at age 90 on Monday at a hosipital in Phoenix. His ...
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John McCain’s Op-Ed Appears on
Last weekend, John McCain made it clear he intended to write a counterpoint to Vladimir Putin’s viral NYT column, and that he wanted that piece ...
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John McCain: I’ll Reply to Putin’s NYT Op-Ed in Pravda
For the first time in history, one world leader will respond to another world leader via newspaper columns in their respective nations and languages. ...
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Meghan McCain To Host Show On New Network
It is not unusual for politicians and the like to find their way onto television in one form or another, often to the detriment of political discourse...
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Chinese Hackers Targeted Obama, McCain in 2008, Say Officials
In 2009, President Obama admitted that his campaign’s infrastructure had fallen victim to a hacking attack. He said that hackers had gained acce...
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