Meghan McCain Hates Karl Rove, Blasts Republican Leadership


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Meghan McCain was interviewed on Ora.TV’s PoliticKING with Larry King on Thursday, and said many not nice things about Karl Rove. Although the interview covered a lot of abrasive issues, only a few soundbites have been picked up and sorted through by the media. Here are the ones that are making headlines, at least according to Politico:

"I hate Karl Rove and I think he still needs to apologize to my family, which he has not done, for things that happened in 2000. I think there was an era where Karl Rove was relevant and I don’t know why people still give him attention.”

On Rove's comments about Hilary Clinton: “I think what we saw with Karl Rove talking about her health, though, is sort of just the beginning. Just the tip of the iceberg of what’s going to happen with the attacks on her.”

And on her father, John McCain, and his chances of becoming president: “I think my father could have had Jesus Christ as his running mate and it wouldn’t have mattered in ’07.”

McCain is not shy about voicing her views on Republican leadership. You can watch the whole interview here:

Back in 2000, Rove made his bad reputation when he was linked to a campaign during the Republican primary that spread rumors that John McCain fathered an illegitimate black child. Rove denied the link.

“This is the kind of thing the media love, these kind of allegations,” Rove said according to Politico. “But for people in practical politics, I’ve got to tell you, I was seized with fear when this rumor began to circulate through South Carolina. It was sent out by a professor at Bob Jones University.”

If you want to hear more about her views, Meghan McCain hosts Pivot's show Raising McCain.

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