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Tag: John McCain

John McCain: “ESPN Tax” Needs To Go
John McCain became the best friend of many cable subscribers around the country earlier this month when he introduced the Television Consumer Freedom ...
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John McCain Talks ‘A la Carte’ Cable Bill, Says It’s About Lower Income Families [VIDEO]
As you may know, Arizona Senator John McCain has sponsored a bill that would take on cable and satellite TV providers by forcing a new “a la car...
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John McCain Jokes About Ahmadinejad, Monkeys, and Iran’s Space Program on Twitter, Tells Everyone to Lighten Up
Arizona Senator and former Republican candidate for President John McCain thinks Twitter needs to lighten up and take a joke. After reports emerged th...
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Game Change, Sarah Palin Campaign Biopic Receives Rave Reviews
If you pay for HBO, then you were able to take in one of the most controversial movies released so far in 2012 – “Game Change“. The ...
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Anonymous Poses Threat To U.S. According To Official
It appears that Anonymous may pose more of a threat to the U.S. government than initially thought. The Wall Street Journal is reporting General Keith ...
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Senator John McCain Proposes Cybersecurity Bill
Cybersecurity is one of those funny things that is talked about, but nothing is really ever done about it. We can, and have implemented new safeguards...
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Romney Has Drudge Report In “Back Pocket”, Says Thompson
Former Senator Fred Thompson, an also-ran in the 2008 GOP presidential race, has made his support of Newt Gingrich well-known. On NBC’s “M...
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Can the Republicans Match the Democrats’ Social Media Prowess in 2012?
The 2012 Presidential election is fast approaching. It’ll be interesting to see how much more of a role social media will play in the election, ...
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Tea Party “Hobbit” Sharron Angle Rips John McCain on Twitter
As the deadline to raise the debt ceiling approaches, tensions are high in the world of national politics. Not only are Democrats and Republicans figh...
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