Loretta Lynch Confirmation Could Be Stalled Until April

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Loretta Lynch has been waiting since November for her confirmation from the Senate to become the next attorney general.

In a bid to force the Senate to complete their consideration of a controversial sex trafficking bill which reportedly includes language on abortion, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has pledged to hold off on Loretta Lynch's confirmation until that can be accomplished.

The problem for Loretta Lynch is that the Senate is set to debate the budget next week and to leave for a two-week Easter recess the following week. Therefore, Lynch's confirmation vote could be delayed until April.

With the stall on Loretta Lynch's confirmation, as usual, came accusations of racism. In fact, last week Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, who happens to be the second most powerful Democrat in the chamber, said Republicans were making Loretta Lynch, the first black female attorney general nominee "sit in the back of the bus."

However, prominent Republican senator John McCain says that this is not the case at all.

John McCain said of stalling the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, “This has nothing to do with race."

He added, "It has everything to do with trying to get legislation through which would prevent, or help prevent, this horrible issue of sexual trafficking that is going on. And also I will add to that, I will not vote for her because she has said she would uphold the President's unconstitutional executive orders concerning immigration.”

This seems to be the common thread among conservative Republican senators.

However, despite the delays, Democrats, and some Republicans like Rudy Giuliani, are confident that Loretta Lynch will have no problem in being confirmed as our next attorney general.

Giuliani said that Loretta Lynch has "very substantial expertise in national security."

He also said that Loretta Lynch makes decisions on merit, that she is not a political operative, and that she truly deserves to be confirmed.

Giuliani also said, "As you all know, I am a Republican and I think I could probably be described as a very dedicated Republican. I find Loretta Lynch not only to be an acceptable appointment, I find her to be an extraordinary appointment."

What do you think about the stall in Loretta Lynch's confirmation?

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