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Human Barbie Allegedly Attacked By Thugs
Valeria Lukyanova, the Human Barbie, claims that she was attacked by two men outside her home. She is now on the mend, but said that she was strangled...
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Human Barbie Strangled Outside Home In Ukraine
Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the “Human Barbie,” was allegedly attacked outside of her home in Ukraine when she returned to her house ...
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Valeria Lukyanova, aka the Human Barbie, Reportedly Assaulted in the Ukraine
Valeria Lukyanova, aka the Human Barbie, was reportedly assaulted by two men outside of her home in the Ukraine, according to The Daily Mail. Some pos...
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New Human Barbie Is Only 16 Years Old
Many girls play with Barbie dolls growing up and some may wish to look like their doll or dolls. Most people grow out of their dolls, but a few still ...
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New Human Barbie 16-Year-Old Lolita Richi
Sorry Valeria Lukyanova, it looks like there is a newer, younger human Barbie in town. According to the Daily Mail, 16-year-old Lolita Richi is now th...
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Human Barbie: New Doll in Town
Move over Valeria Lukyanova, there’s a new Human Barbie in town. The 29-year old model from Ukraine has claimed the title of “real-life Ba...
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Lolita Richi And The Misguided Human Barbie Trend
It seems like every time your turn around there’s a new “Human Barbie” aka someone who for some reason has made it their mission in life to look...
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Alina Kovalevskaya: There’s A NEW Human Barbie In Town
At first glance, you might say that up and coming Ukrainian internet sensation...
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Valeria Lukyanova, Human Barbie, Posts Workout Video
Valeria Lukyanova, the 28-year old Ukrainian woman also known as the Human Barbie, is once again back in headlines. A few weeks ago, Lukyanova spoke t...
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Human Barbie Takes No Makeup Selfie
Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the Human Barbie, is no stranger to selfies. She has hundreds of photos on her Facebook account, but there is one pho...
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Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Accused Of Racism
Valeria Lukyanova, better known as Human Barbie, has surprised people yet again with her comments. Michael Idov from GQ flew all the way to Ukraine, w...
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Valeria Lukyanova Is To Be Pitied And Ignored
What can I say about a so-called “Human Barbie” that is determined to exist on sunshine and air? Only that this should be enough for the a...
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Human Barbie Described As A “Racist Space Alien”
By now you’ve probably heard stories about the Human Barbie. Or perhaps you’ve even seen a picture of Valeria Lukyanova and breezed right ...
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Human Barbie Blames Mixed Races for Ugliness
Valeria Lukyanova, otherwise known as the “Human Barbie,” is proving that beauty (if you can call it that) only goes skin deep. In a recen...
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Valeria Lukyanova Converts To Breatharianism
Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the Human Barbie, has made the headlines once again. The 28-year-old Barbie wannabe has declared that...
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Human Barbie On A Diet Of Air And Light?
There is a woman who is known as a living doll who isn’t content to simply stick with being a walking and talking version of Barbie. Her name is...
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