Human Barbie On A Diet Of Air And Light?

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There is a woman who is known as a living doll who isn't content to simply stick with being a walking and talking version of Barbie. Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, and this Ukrainian woman claims that she's...special.

The 24-year-old (in Earth years and only in her current incarnation...) claims that she has reached the stage of existence where she no longer needs to eat food like regular people in order to survive.

Instead the model is working hard to exist on a diet of air and light. She is a practitioner of Breatharianism. This highly controversial movement claims that anyone who trains themselves can exist without food or even water. All they need is "life energy" to go about their lives.

I don't think it should come as a shock to anyone that this belief system has resulted in multiple deaths. When one elects to not eat food or drink water, the process of starving to death begins soon after.

In her own words, Lukyanova was sent to a medical professional at at young age for treatment of disturbing beliefs and behaviors. Unfortunately for Lukyanova, she got a hold of a quack who encouraged her delusions of grandeur rather than writing her a much needed prescription. Lukyanove is now set firmly on the path of narcissism and beauty obsession.

If reports are true then this poor soul has gone beyond simply tweaking herself until she no longer looks human and moved into truly dangerous territory.

If she doesn't back away slowly from this extreme and potentially fatal behavior, Lukyanova will be moving to her next incarnation sooner rather than later.

Lukyanova has actually stated that she expects to depart her current form while she's still young and attractive and heavily implied that the idea of becoming an aged human woman terrifies her.

Could this be a slow form of suicide to get out of aging? You can make a case for it, but I'd really like to believe otherwise. More than that, I hope this young woman gets the medical help she needs but has never been granted.

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