Lolita Richi And The Misguided Human Barbie Trend


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It seems like every time your turn around there’s a new “Human Barbie” aka someone who for some reason has made it their mission in life to look like a walking, talking plastic child’s toy.

Well, it takes all kinds I suppose.

The latest barbie doll-esque sensation to hit the internet is named Lolita Richi, a native of Kiev, Ukraine.

Yes, boys and girls, there is a 16-year-old girl-child posting pictures of herself looking the equivalent of a sex doll with the name “Lolita”.

Allow me to distract you from the sound of stampeding perverted ephebophiles with this thought:

What is going on in Ukraine to have so many young women feeling as if their life is meaningless if they can’t walk around wearing too much makeup, corsets (it may not be surgery, but I doubt these Human Barbies “woke up like dis”...), and wigs in an effort to look like a Dollar Store version of Barbie.

Because let’s be perfectly honest...only Barbie looks like Barbie and even she doesn’t look like herself anymore.

It’s quite disturbing that anyone could find this trend admirable, imitable, rather than sad. Especially when you remember that this is a teenage girl we’re talking about.

When I was a child, Barbie represented the ability to do anything or be anything I wanted to be such as a teacher, astronaut, or the President of the United States.

The fact that being a “Human Barbie” is simply being a plastic sexy doll is kind of sad. I mean let’s face facts: These girls are all going to age, as do we all. Meanwhile Barbie will remain young, as always.

What becomes of one’s self when they spend their youth chasing after an image that is unrealistic and harmful while not bothering to develop an ambition to achieve anything of note.

If you want a sexy blonde icon to emulate, go for Jayne Mansfield. She was a genius.

Or if you're not into platinum locks, opt for the sensual Hedy Lamarr. If it weren't for her, we wouldn’t have Wifi internet today. True story.

Bottom line: You can be beautiful, sexy, and invested in garnering more for yourself than the fleeting curiosity of perfect strangers debating whether or not you look actually like a blow-up doll in real life.

And at 16, this girl really has no business looking REMOTELY like a blow-up doll in ANY life.

Anyone else out there wondering who or where her parents are?