Valeria Lukyanova Is To Be Pitied And Ignored


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What can I say about a so-called "Human Barbie" that is determined to exist on sunshine and air? Only that this should be enough for the average human being to disregard anything this individual has to say.

That's right: Please ignore the living crap out of Valeria Lukyanova.

She needs a good psychiatrist and medication. What she doesn't need is for her vapid opinions to be given any kind of weight.

The fact that Lukyanova needs help is a conclusion I reached when I heard from her own mouth the hallucinations and delusions she suffered from as a child. In the documentary "Space Barbie", she discussed being sent to a medical professional.

Her trip to see a professional about her issues should have resulted in the beginning of serious treatment.

Any responsible doctor upon hearing her symptoms would have moved forward with some kind of care options, medicine, etc.

However, from what Lukyanova revealed, the man in question only enabled her potentially harmful delusions of grandeur.

This is a young woman who by her own admission would rather die young and beautiful than live long enough to see a wrinkle (and I don't think she was kidding). She is claims that she is the reincarnation of various wise and powerful beings, yet she exists in a bubble of racial ignorance and intolerance.

Her opinions on the universe and spirituality are sprinkled among displays of hyper self-consciousness. For instance, she freaked out when she was filmed without a belt because God forbid the audience think she not have a waist.

Lukyanova is simply a deeply disturbed narcissistic personality at best and a Grade A troll and attention whore at worst. Therefore, when she says things like "interracial couples have made the human race uglier", it's not worth the energy to get angry.

I mean....look at her. She has gone through so many transformations (digital and surgical) to look like a walking piece of plastic. What does her inauthentic representation of herself have to do with people finding love across racial and ethnic lines?


In fact, with all the reasons people give for plastic surgeries, you'll be hard pressed to find "race mixing" anywhere near the top of the list.

It is a ludicrous statement made by a sad, self-loathing individual. She'll never know one tenth of the happiness of the couples she's slandering.

Eventually people will grow bored of this individual and her irrelevant opinions, but don't wait. Take the initiative by ignoring this person and her pointless opinions today.

She's clearly as hollow as the dolls she is supposed to emulate and is to be pitied rather than quoted.

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