Google Investing $1.2 Billion in Its German Cloud Infrastructure

Google is investing $1.2 billion to expand its cloud infrastructure in Germany, and has committed to using more renewable energy.

Germany Clearing Autonomous Vehicles for Regular Use

Germany is poised to be the first country to clear autonomous vehicles for everyday use.

German Regulator Wants to Stop WhatsApp/Facebook Data Sharing

A German regulator is the latest to object to data being shared between WhatsApp and Facebook, and is taking steps to stop it.

Germany Will Require All Fueling Stations to Offer Electric Vehicle Charging

Germany has taken a significant step toward widespread adoption of electric vehicles, by requiring fueling stations to offer electric vehicle charging.

Austria Will Work With EU Partners On Huawei Decision

As Britain and Germany consider whether to ban Huawei, Austria has said it will collaborate with EU partners on a decision, according to Reuters. The U.S. and Huawei have been engaged in a war over the company’s role in helping…

Uber’s Ride-Hailing Service Banned in Germany

Reuters is reporting that a German court has banned Uber from providing its ride-hailing services in Germany, saying it lacks the license necessary to transport passengers in rental vehicles. Uber currently operates in seven German cities, including Berlin, Frankfurt and…

Tensions Escalate Between China and Germany Over Huawei

Bloomberg is reporting that a spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that security concerns will be the deciding factor impacting what role Huawei will play in the country’s 5G rollout. China made headlines when it threatened Germany over…

China Confident Brazil Will Choose Huawei For Its 5G Mobile Network

Huawei has come under fire from countries throughout the West, with allegations the telecommunications equipment company engages in spying for the Chinese government. The United States, Britain, Australia and Germany have expressed concern in some cases, and gone as far…

Not So Fast: Huawei May Not Qualify to Participate In German 5G Market

Germany made headlines a few weeks ago when it released its ‘security catalog,’ a set of rules for 5G deployment. Despite the German government stating no telecommunications company was excluded, it now appears Huawei may not qualify after all, according…

German Commission Recommends Tighter Regulation of AI Development

Few technologies have sparked as much debate, held more promise or terrified more people than artificial intelligence (AI). Depending on who is talking, AI promises to usher in a new technological era or precipitate the demise of humanity. Notable individuals…