Google Countersues Epic Games for Breach of Contract

Google has taken the fight to Epic Games, countersuing the company for breach of contract.

Ex-Google CEO: AI Will Create a Bunch Of New Platform Winners

The reason it’ll be different in 20 years is because artificial intelligence will create a whole bunch of new platform winners says former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Apple Needs Fortnite More Than Fortnite Needs Apple

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, feels that Fortnite is large enough and scaled enough and that Apple needs Fortnite more than Fortnite needs Apple… and Google too for that matter.

Apple Will Eventually Fall Apart If It Doesn’t Back Down

As long as the company continues to rely on other people’s money to make its bottom line it’s going to turn slodgy, slow, bureaucratic, and I think it will eventually fall apart.

When It’s Game Time for Retail New Relic is There, Says CEO

Whether it’s for a popular mobile app, an online video game with millions of users, or a huge ecommerce platform, they all rely on critical New Relic insights to keep revenue flowing.

Top 5 US Tech Companies to Reach Unicorn Status in 2018

In literature, the unicorn is a mythical creature that’s rarely seen. In the business world, however, a unicorn was originally defined as a software company based in the United States and “valued at over $1 billion by public or private…

Unreal Engine 4 Features Demoed At GDC 2014

During the last generation, many games were built using Unreal Engine 3. For the current generation, Epic Games hopes developers will switch over to its new middleware – Unreal Engine 4. We’ve already seen the engine in action a few…

Here’s Another Look At Unreal Engine 4

Despite all the hype, we still have yet to really see a game take advantage of Unreal Engine 4. All we have are the few tech demos that Epic Games have made for it. As we head deeper into the…

Microsoft Buys Gears Of War IP, Shifts Development To Black Tusk

Gears of War was the first game on the Xbox 360 to really feel next-gen when it launched in 2006. Epic’s intimate knowledge of Unreal Engine 3 combined with the power of the Xbox 360 helped to make the console…

Unreal Engine 4 Games Are Going To Be Very Pretty If This Tech Demo Is Any Indication

Unreal Engine is pretty amazing, but it’s often utilized by teams with terrible art direction. That’s why this last generation saw so many Unreal games that looked like they were populated by plastic army men. With Unreal Engine 4, Epic…