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Tag: Electronic Arts

Shaq Fu 2 Is Coming, A Sequel To An Abysmal Game
It was by 1994 that we grew familiar with 2D fighting games: a one vs. one matchup where characters would yell “Hadouken” or “GET OVER HERE!” ...
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Denver Broncos Beat Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl Simulation
The Denver Broncos have beaten the Seattle Seahawks to claim the Lombardi Trophy in 2014 . . . or so sayeth Madden 25. The popular video game franchis...
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Barry Sanders Named Madden NFL 25 Cover Athlete
After weeks of voting and 40 million votes, EA has announced this year’s Madden NFL cover athlete. Barry Sanders will grace the cover of Madden ...
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The Sims 3 Pop Star Sings in Simlish
It seems like a joke, but The Sims 3‘s made-up language has now been used to cover a real-life pop song. With less than a week to go before The ...
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Mass Effect 3’s Final DLC Announced
Nearly one year out from the release of Mass Effect 3, EA and BioWare have announced the final DLC installments for the Mass Effect Trilogy. Two new a...
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The Sims 3 University Life Previewed in New Walkthrough Video
Last month, Maxis teased The Sims 3: University Life with a trailer that showed off frat parties, bonfire keggers, and beer pong. Today, the developer...
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New SimCity Trailer Includes Superheroes, Villains
Last month, EA and Maxis showed off the “European City Sets” that come with the $80 Digital Deluxe Edtion of the upcoming SimCity. That ad...
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Origin For Mac Officially Released
Love it or hate it, if you want to play Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, or SimCity on a PC or Mac, you are going to have to download EA’s Origin platfor...
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Metacritic Scores 2012’s Best Game Publishers
Metacritic, the popular video game review aggregator, has released its third yearly breakdown of the best gaming publishers. The rankings come as an a...
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Dead Space 3 DLC Announced, Background Mini Series Begins
Dead Space 3 was released in the U.S. today, and already extra content for the title is being announced. EA and Visceral Games today announced the ...
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SimCity Will Have an In-Game Store
It’s been known for a while not that the upcoming SimCity will have always-on DRM, though it won’t force players to always play in multipl...
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Madden NFL 25 Release Date: August 27
Yesterday EA teased that something called Madden 25 would be coming later this year on August 27. Today the publisher confirmed that it will, in fact,...
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EA Announces “Madden 25” is Coming August 27
Now that EA has revealed to investors that its third quarter revenue was down compared to one year ago, the publisher has been taking the opportunity ...
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Fuse Delayed to Spring or Early Summer
EA‘s third quarter earnings revealed lower revenue, but a lower net loss than the previous year. Aside from blaming its revenue woes on its cyni...
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New SimCity Trailer Shows Off European Landmarks
EA and Maxis today released the latest trailer for SimCity, featuring the “European City Sets” that come with the Digital Deluxe Edition o...
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Origin For Mac Alpha Client Released
EA today announced that the Origin client for Mac is coming along, and an alpha test of the software has begun. Gamers with a Mac can download the alp...
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SimCity Beta Starts January 25, Registration is Live
Maxis, the developer of The Sims and SimCity today announced that a beta for the upcoming SimCity will take place starting January 25. The beta will r...
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Dead Space 3 Ad Pushes Kinect Features
More than a few Dead Space fans are uneasy about the inclusion of co-op gameplay in Dead Space 3. Though Visceral Games seems to have come up with an ...
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Dead Space 3 Demo Coming in January
It’s natural for gamers to be worried about the Dead Space franchise. The first two games in the series introduced fans to a new Sci-Fi survival...
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Battlefield 3 “End Game” Preview Released
EA dropped the ball for the shooter genre this year. Instead of a polished competitor to the massively successful Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the publ...
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