Dead Space 3 Ad Pushes Kinect Features

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More than a few Dead Space fans are uneasy about the inclusion of co-op gameplay in Dead Space 3. Though Visceral Games seems to have come up with an interesting conceit for the feature (one of the characters will hallucinate and see different things throughout the game) it still feels like the type of feature the publisher, EA might force on the developer. The Resident Evil series began sliding toward bad reviews at the same time co-op was introduced, so it's a valid concern for fans that the lonely, tension-filled Isaac-versus-all-the-necromorphs gameplay of Dead Space might be changed with the inclusion of a sidekick.

The immersion might be broken even more if players decide to use their Kinect with the game, and it appears the developers know it. EA today released another video that touts the Kinect commands for Dead Space 3. Using the microphone on the Kinect allows players to trade gear, heal a partner, reload a weapon, or do several other things that normally require the push of a button.

The video tries hard to make it seem as if voice commands will make the gameplay easier, and it actually might be easier in the specific case of trading inventory with a co-op partner. However, it's hard to see why saying "use stasis" or "reload weapon" would be easier than tapping a controller button. The Kinect commands for Skyrim that allowed for real-life dragon shouts might have been fun for a few minutes, but screaming anything other than startled surprise at the TV during a Dead Space play session seems very silly.

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