Battlefield 3 "End Game" Preview Released


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EA dropped the ball for the shooter genre this year. Instead of a polished competitor to the massively successful Call of Duty: Black Ops II, the publisher released Medal of Honor Warfighter. The game was shipped unfinished, requiring a massive day-one patch. Reviewers criticized it for its of its name, bland gameplay, and over-the-top military bravado/machismo, even for a military shooter.

Thankfully, EA and DICE are still supporting last year's Battlefield 3, which was a hit and well-received. Today EA released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 3 DLC. Titled "End Game," the add-on will feature four new multiplayer maps "designed for high speed combat and action." New vehicles are included as well, including the dirt bikes that feature heavily in the trailer. Also, the capture the flag game mode will be part of the add-on, as well as a dropship that can perform vehicle drops.