The Sims 3 Pop Star Sings in Simlish


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It seems like a joke, but The Sims 3's made-up language has now been used to cover a real-life pop song. With less than a week to go before The Sims 3 University Life releases on March 5, EA is choosing to promote its game by featuring a 16-year-old girl singing in a made-up language.

The new trailer released today features Blaise Thresher, a British "newcomer" who EA had record a song she wrote, but sing it in Simlish, the gibberish language spoken by sims characters. The game's developers have even recreated Thresher's likeness in the game, which can be downloaded through The Sims 3 Exchange.

It's not clear where Thresher will fit into University Life, if at all. The game does feature several different majors and clubs for college sims, though, so perhaps a glee club has been included.