New SimCity Trailer Includes Superheroes, Villains


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Last month, EA and Maxis showed off the "European City Sets" that come with the $80 Digital Deluxe Edtion of the upcoming SimCity. That add-on comes with famous European landmarks (the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and Brandenburg Gate) that transform the surrounding landscape, including buildings, police vehicles, and public transportation.

Today, EA and Maxis are showing off the other, sillier add-on that comes with a pre-order of SimCity.

The "Heroes and Villains" set will allow players to have organized crime groups in their cities and provide the ability to upgrade police squads into superheroes. A "criminal mastermind" can be placed in a city using the "Dr. Vu's Evil Lair" object, which will provide plenty of high-tech development for the city until autonomous flying battle tanks begin to destroy it.

The "Heroes and Villains" add-on is included in pre-orders for the Limited Edition (read: normal) digital and physical version of the game. For those who don't pre-order a copy of SimCity, EA will almost certainly be selling the add-on in the in-game SimCity store.