LinkedIn Enables Programmatic Ad Buying

LinkedIn announced today the availability of programmatic buying for its display ads, giving data-driven marketers advanced opportunities to target more precisely and with more efficiency. “This means you can now work with your preferred buying platform to buy highly visible…

Yahoo Product Ads Launch For Holiday Shopping Season

Yahoo just announced new Product Ads, which it describes as ” new, comprehensive product offering that allows retailers to reach consumers with high performance search and display ads across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.” “A recent study from Yahoo and…

Google Lets You Measure Conversions That Start On Web, End In App (Or Vice Versa) For Display Campaigns

Google announced that advertisers can now take advantage of Estimated Total Conversions for measuring conversions that started on the web and finished in an app, or vice versa, for display campaigns. This will require the advertiser to set up conversion…

Google Adds Engagement Columns In Reporting For Lightbox Ads

Google announced that it is adding three new columns to AdWords Display reporting later this month. It says these will give advertisers who use Lightbox ads an easier way to view engagements, engagement rate, and average CPE metrics. Google said…

Google Launches Estimated Cross-Device Conversions For Display Ads

Google said on Tuesday that it will start rolling out estimated cross-device conversions for display ads to all advertisers. Google launched estimated total conversions for search ads in AdWords a year ago. As Google’s Sridhar Ramaswamy said at the time,…

Google’s New Mobile Ad Formats, Flash-to-HTML5 Tools

Recognizing that display ads don’t always translate well from the desktop to mobile devices, Google announced on Monday that it will be launching several new mobile display formats and tools across the Google Display Network, the AdMob Network, and DoubleClick…

Report: Microsoft To Overtake Yahoo In Online Ads This Year

Microsoft will surpass Yahoo in digital ad market share this year, according to a new report from eMarketer. This comes as Yahoo just reported a disappointing quarter, with much of the disappointment coming specifically from its display advertising business. “Our…

Kantar Media Compares 2013 Ad Spend Growth Across Media, Looks At Top 10 Advertisers

Kantar Media has a new report out indicating that U.S. advertising expenditures increased 0.9% last year, driven mainly by large advertisers. Expenditures finished the year at $140.2 billion, with ad spending during Q4 up 1.6% year-over-year. Spending among the top…

New ‘+Post Ads’ Let Advertisers Reach Millions Of Sites With Google+ Posts

It was only a matter of time before Google+ got ads, and that time has now come. Google product manager Eran Arkin announced in a Google+ post that the company’s social layer is introducing something called “+Post Ads”. These are…

Google Launches New Ad Creation Solution ‘Ready Creatives’

Google announced the launch of a new display ad creation solution called Ready Creatives, which is made up of two tools called Ready Image Ads and Ready Ad Gallery. With Ready Image Ads, advertisers can add their URLs, and it…

Google Launches DoubleClick Ad Verification Tool

Google announced a new ad verification tool for agencies and marketers using DoubleClick, called DoubleClick Verification. The tool includes site content monitoring to help highlight potential issues with ads. It will analyze content at the URL level for each page…

AOL To Bolster Display Ad Offerings With Pictela Pick-Up

AOL announced that it has acquired ad platform firm Pictela. The company makes what is described as a "high-definition brand content platform" for online advertising and social media. This follows other recent acquisitions by AOl, such as that of TechCrunch, Thing Labs, 5min Media, and StudioNow. 

Facebook And Yahoo Tops In Display Advertising

Nearly 1.3 trillion display ads were delivered to U.S. Internet users during the third quarter of this year, representing a 22 percent increase compared to a year ago.

Facebook Top Display Ad Publisher In The UK

The UK online display advertising market for the third quarter of 2010 showed strong gains compared to Q3 2009, according to the latest report from comScore.

UK Internet users received more than 221 billion display ads during the third quarter, marking a 34 percent increase compared to a year ago.

Online Advertising Sets a New Record

In the first half of 2010, online ad revenues in the U.S. reached $12.1 billion, setting a new half-year record. The total also represented an 11.3% increase over the same period the previous year. It also included the highest second-quarter on record. This is all according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and  PwC

Google Outlines Display Ad Strategies

Google has an interesting post up today on its official blog, outlining its efforts in growing display advertising. Within this outline are five what Google calls "key principles guiding our future product innovations in this area."

In short, these principles are: making life more efficient, total revenue management, more insight and control, betting on openness, everything is going to be "display".

Google Launches New Image Search Ads

Google began rolling out a new design for its image search today, and along with that came a new ad format. The format is called (appropriately) Image Search Ads.

Omnicom Makes Big Commitment To Google Display Ads

Google’s display ad business is about to explode (in a positive way), according to a new report.  Omnicom Media Group has supposedly committed to spending hundreds of millions of dollars on Google’s display ads over just the next couple of years.

Microsites Drive Brand Engagement, Purchase Intent

Microsites are commonly used by brands in online marketing. Dynamic Logic, a firm that evaluates the effectiveness of branded microsites, says that 7.8% of people become aware of a campaign’s message who otherwise would not have, when there is a microsite involved.

2010: The Year of the Display Ad for Google?

This could be the year of the display ad. That’s not to say that display ads aren’t prevalent every year, but Google has only been involved with that for a little while, and if analysts’ projections are accurate, this will be the year that Google’s display ad business tops $1 billion in sales.