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Google has an interesting post up today on its official blog, outlining its efforts in growing display advertising. Within this outline are five what Google calls "key principles guiding our future product innovations in this area."

In short, these principles are: making life more efficient, total revenue management, more insight and control, betting on openness, everything is going to be "display".

To me, there are two particularly interesting nuggets within this post - "immediate ads" and a server dedicated to automatically learn where and when a given ad will get the best response. Following are a couple quotes from the piece.

Jonathan Bellack of Google Talks Ad strategies"Things like new standards for video ad serving and systems that connect buyers and sellers are helping publishers support the most engaging and creative ads across their sites. But there are quantum leaps to come in this area, for small and large publishers," says Google Director of Product Management Jonathan Bellack. "Think of a political candidate who is seeking donations on his or her website—the candidate can receive money in seconds. Imagine if publishers—even the smallest website—had tools that enabled advertisers to click a button on their site to upload an ad, let them pay for it with a credit card, and then deliver this ad—through the publisher’s ad server—within minutes. This sort of 'immediate ad' will become possible as ad serving technology continues to simplify the process of buying and selling ad space."

"There's no question that delivering the right ad to the right user at the right time delivers better results," says Bellack. "We have years of experience in doing this with search and text ads; we’re now bringing that experience to the world of display. This means investing in a smarter ad server that can automatically learn where and when a given ad will get the best response, as well as manage delivery to deliver those improved results for publishers. This new ad server can even anticipate a publisher’s future events and adjust delivery accordingly—for example, if traffic drops off every weekend, the ad server can automatically speed up during the week to keep everything moving smoothly."

Other topics mentioned are Google's variety of tools designed to provide data, reports, and controls, etc. It also talks about open APIs enabling the building of apps that cater to "advertising apps".

Give the post a read if you're interested in the strategies Google is focusing on with regards to display advertising.

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